Nylon Yarn Supplier and Market Supporter

From the establishment in 1988, Acelon Chemicals & Fiber Corporation, a group of professionals with practical experiences of many years work hard in the yarn industry. Our products can be divided into two categories, which are filament yarn and finished products. The filament yarn includes nylon yarn, polyester yarn, nylon/polyester conjugate yarn, and functional yarn. Our finished products cover all kinds of household cleaning products.

With more than decades of years of experiences, Acelon provides the most reliable and high quality nylon yarns, optimal for use on both machines and general hand stitching purposes. It has very good elasticity which can increase stretchy ability of the clothing.

Contact Acelon for more information about our nylon yarns, we look forward to supporting you to develop market smoothly and steadily.

Gear Manufacturer of Yeh Der

About plastic gear

A gear is a toothed wheel designed to transmit force to another gear or toothed component. The teeth of a gear can be shaped to minimize wear, vibration and noise, and to maximize the efficiency of power transmission.

Gears of differing size are often used in pairs for a mechanical advantage, allowing the torque of the driving gear to produce a larger torque in the driven gear at lower speed, or a smaller torque at higher speed.

The Advantages of Plastic Gear:
1. Plastic gears are easily molded into various shapes so they have wider range of configuration.
2. Plastic gears are less expensive and are lighter in weight.
3. Plastic gears are chemical and corrosion resistant.
4. Plastic gears have quieter and smoother operation and offer more efficient drive geometry.
5. Plastic gears are with inherent self lubricating.

While plastic gears offer these many advantages over metal gears, their effective use requires proper design and engineering to account for possible dimensional and property variations over the expected range of operating conditions.

Yeh Der Plastic Gear Manufacturer offers various series of plastic gears and gear parts such as worm gears, spur gear, plastic helical gear, plastic pinion gear, plastic bevel gear, other plastic gear, metal gear, gear reduction, gear box, vibrator gearbox, micro gear box, barbecue gear box, servomotor gearbox, vending machine gear box, planetary gearbox, RC car gear box, gear pump gearbox, rotary base and OEM plastic injection molding products.

Yeh Der is one of the most experienced manufacturers of plastic gears, gearboxes and OEM injection molding products. They can offer their customers top quality plastic gear at competitive prices. Yeh Der will further improve their efficiency and competitiveness for their gears. Yeh Der always keeps improving their efficiency and competitiveness for their gears and gear-related parts.

Yeh Der also is able to modify or customize any of their products to meet your specific application, quickly and economically. Please contact Yeh Der to discuss your requirement now!


Taiwan Sheen Soon Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of TPU

Taiwan Sheen Soon Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane). Our company was established in July, 1997 and our products were officially put into production in 1998. In August, 2005, our factory was moved to a new plant with 12,000 square meters of area and with an annual production capacity of 8,000 metric tons. In 2009, we cooperated with Pou Chen Group through investing in our subsidiary called Zhongshan Baothane Technology Co., Ltd.in Guangdong, China, with annual capacity 5,000 metric tons. At present, our annual production capacity in Taiwan plant is up to 20,000 metric tons and our Taiwan plant covers 24,000 square meters. We do have six main products, including TPU for solvent-based adhesive, hotmelt adhesive, injection, extrusion, blown film, and TPU for ink industry.

Taiwan Sheen Soon Co., Ltd. is devoted to the research and development, innovation, quality improvement and cost control. We actively develop various high performance products of Thermoplastic Polyurethane in order to increase the competitiveness of our customers in the market for the everlasting business. Most importantly, we keep following the philosophy of “Top Quality with Reasonable Prices” and “Trust and Win-Win Strategies” to serve our customers.

In 2009, we won the title of the 12th Rising Star in Taiwan. At the end of 2009, we passed ISO9001 certification to enhance our quality control in order to offer the best Thermoplastic Polyurethane for our customers. In 2010, SHEENTHANE TPU passed EU RoHS. In 2011, our president, Jason Chou was selected to be an Outstanding Entrepreneur of R.O.C. by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and was presented with the Golden Merchant Award by the General Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of China, Taiwan.

Contact us for your Thermoplastic Polyurethane now!!!

CNC Cutter and Tool Grinder by TOP WORK Industry

TOP WORK Industry Co., Ltd. established in 1985, and locates in Taichung with 6000 m2 plant area. We are one of few companies in Taiwan which involves only in cutter and tool grinder manufacturing. Our tool grinder range includes universal type and CNC type and mainly provides to the tool factories, especially, those who producing and re-sharpening the tungsten carbide cutter grinding. We started from the M-40 and CM-2 universal cutter grinders and sold them worldwide. Now, these products are still popular and export to US, China, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Our cutter grinder features capability for multiple grinding operations at a single chucking of the workpiece-save setup time; assures excellent concentricity. Monaset still maintains its versatility for generating straight or tapered, right or left-hand, infinitely variable leads from a simple built-in lead mechanism. Tumtable mounting of entire workhead slide assembly, adjustable through 235 plus degrees in the horizontal plane, has proven to be a real asset when grinding rail. Feel free to contact us for your cutter grinder!

We also provide the universal and NC type to our customers. Another famous product is 4/5 axis CNC tool grinder. Accumulating the experience of the cutter grinding, we provide not only the high quality products and services, but also recommendation of the production technology. We are qualified ISO 9001-2000, and CE certification for our products, and win our governments R&D fund. In Taiwan, we get a good reputation from our customers as well as the worldwide agents trust us. That is the reason we can compete with the Europe competitors. The name of Top Work Industry Co., Ltd. is the company’s doctrine. For an everlasting enterprise, every detail to be the TOP WORK is our purchase goal forever…

Leading CNC Toolroom Lathe Solutions

Toolroom lathe is a type of engine lathe that is designed for high precision work. The machine is usually used in tool and dies shops where custom parts and precision fixtures are produced. Since it’s produced with special attention to smooth operation, spindle accuracy and precise alignment, the lathe is able to achieve better accuracy and precision than the standard lathe.

Cyclematic Machinery takes pride in manufacturing CNC toolroom lathe which features constant quality, technical competence, and competitive price. We have an efficient development team of well-experienced engineers who understand exact customer needs through complete market research and try to adopt the latest technology in designing & development of CNC toolroom lathes. Quality is the driving force behind Cyclematic’ s success.

We maintain international standard of quality in every stage of CNC toolroom lathe machinery production and keep upgrading the quality in order to overtake the best in the world. Of course, the strict quality inspection before shipment is also our crucial work to assure 0ur clients in getting CNC toolroom lathe products bearing consistency in quality and long-life standards. In addition to standard type of machinery, customized orders of CNC toolroom lathes are welcome!

CNC Tapping Centers

Established in 1994, ARES-SEIKI specializing in tapping center with years of experiences, and also had well reputation from our clients.

We provide full series of CNC tapping centers – the A-series has the highest cutting tool capacity and is built for extremely intricate processing, and the R-series has a simple structure which is designed to maximize product quality, as for the S-series feature dual work stations, rotary worktables, and moving column structure allows operator to effectively reduce idle time needed to change work pieces during machining.

Contact us for any CNC tapping center series for more specification. Inquiries are welcome!

A Plastic Waste Solution

Song Ming Machinery Industries Co., Ltd. provides complete and long lasting waste plastic recycling solutions to turn waste into new, reusable resources with proven technologies. The equipment used for recycling the waste material is manufactured at our sophisticated infrastructure, using premium quality raw material. Waste plastic recyclings are stringently tested on several parameters to ensure the delivery of a flawless range to customers. Furthermore, we also provide customized solutions to customers as per the specifications detailed by them to meet their varied requirements.

A Professional Blown Film Extrusion Manufacturer – CHYI YANG

CHYI YANG, a professional blown film extrusion manufacturer with more than 40 years of experience, we provide only the best machinery. We are able to produce extruder machines from 35 mm to 150 mm screw diameter, from 1 single layer film machines up to 5 layers film extruder machines, and also are able to produce a wide range of film from 50mm to 4200mm width.

The blown film extrusion are divided into PE blown film machine, two color blown film machine, PP blown film machine, PVC shrinkable blown film machine and LLDPE blown film machine. Besides, it features simple, flexible and economic operation, high output and also energy saving. For more about blown film extrusions, please feel free to contact us!

Letterpress Printing

Smooth Machinery is a famous letterpress machine manufacturer with ISO 9000 registered in Taiwan in the field. All machines applied CE certification. We have 30 more years of experiences and achievements on the design and manufacture about the letterpress machine. Base on the demands from the esteemed clients, smooth keeping for quality control by nit-picked tests, CNC instruments for parts processing/ assembling, perfect ware stock management for after service support , and etc. Furthermore, we listen to our customers and we keep constant innovations as our nature. Our products are very precise, very stable, or even better than European-made quality but Asian-made machine price.

Rotary letterpress machines are still used on a wide scale for printing self-adhesive and non-self-adhesive labels, tube laminate, cup stock, etc. The printing quality achieved by a modern letterpress machine with UV curing is on par with flexo presses. It is more convenient and user friendly than a flexo press. It uses water-wash photopolymer plates, which are as good as any solvent-washed flexo plate. Today even CtP (computer-to-plate) plates are available making it a full-fledged, modern printing process. Because there is no anilox roller in the process, the make-ready time also goes down when compared to a flexo press. Inking is controlled by keys very much similar to an offset press. UV inks for letterpress are in paste form, unlike flexo.

It has already widespread used globally, and obtains the high praise. Hope our efforts will contribute to you and worldwide printing field!

A Sincere Power Chuck Enterprise That is Worthy to Trust: Di Chun Iron Work

A stronghold by precision and power Di Chun Iron Work Co., Ltd. was established in Taichung city, Taiwan since 1974. Traditional spirit, innovative technology; people-oriented and treat them as family; solid our career in Taiwan and exploring the world. In despite to power chuck market in Taiwan was controlled by Japan through the early 1970’s, the Di Chun aimed to offer local machine manufacturers another best choice and to replace Japanese chuck in the local market gradually and to offer a reasonable price. Today, the Di Chun Iron Work Company has achieved its initial aim, gaining more the 50% of the Taiwan power chuck market. With the help of ourselves, we developed “STRONG” series range of high quality power chucks. It has gained increased popularity internationally to become a leading manufacturer of chucking equipment worldwide.