Taiwan Transfer Foil Manufacturer

With rich related experience and newest technology of transfer foil, Yeong Shiuann can make the products to meet customers’ needs and as a transfer foil manufacturer, we have contributed our efforts to the transfer foil industry for more than a decade.

We provide the products containing transfer foils, lamination foils, hot stamping foils and OEM metallized foils. The foil products are widely used in printing industries, packaging industries, textile industries, and so on. Superior quality, competitive price, prompt delivery and good services are the reasons for more and more transfer foil demander turning to Yeong Shiuann. We are not only proud of having superior quality, competitive price, on-time delivery and good service, also a group of highly cooperative working fellows achieves your expectation anytime. To learn more information about transfer foil, please contact us now.

Bridge Machines – Pursuing Better Performance and Creating New Bench Mark

Vision Wide Tech Co., Ltd. found in 1999; rapidly succeed by its sophisticated machinery techniques and well-organized integrations of R&D, production, quality management, marketing, and after-sale service in machine tool engineering filed. Vision Wide commits to offer high quality and competitive priced products. We provide vertical machining centers and a wide range of bridge machines (vertical/five-side, fixed column/moving beam, box way/linear way).

Every year more than hundreds of big bridge machines are built, over 80% of them are exported to the industrialized countries, and widely well used for various parts machining in the fields of precise machinery, mold & die, and aerospace industry. It also brings [Vision Wide] brand worldwide.

Our advantages are derived from customer-oriented machine development & design; insist in managing by simple/effective integral system, utilizing reliable high quality components and suppliers, integrating our precious process control during production, assembling testing, and quality control.

Contact us for more information about our bridge machine.

Welding Equipment and Machines

As a specialized welding machines and welding equipment manufacturer, we, Jiu Tai Precision Industries Corp. is located in the middle-southern part of Taiwan with many years of technical improvement and expansion. Welding machines and wire meshes products offered by JIU TAI have been exported actively worldwide every year. We specialize in mesh making and fence weaving machineries (e.g. wire mesh welding machine & its auxiliary machines for full plant and production line supply such as wire drawing & ribbing machine, automatic mesh turning & stacking machines, welded mesh recoiler, wire straightening & cutting machine, mesh shearing machine/guillotine, mesh bending machine, etc.), as well as the automatic chain link fencing machine, high speed barbed wire machine, hexagonal wire netting machine, hexagonal gabion mesh weaving machine, and mobile security barrier with automatic barrier fence deployment and retrieval for riot and temporary traffic control and so on. We also produce various wire mesh (e.g. welded mesh, chain link fence mesh: galvanized and PVC coated), and plywood conveyance belt, etc. We would like to recommend the most suitable machine/equipment for you, and assist you to the best of our ability for your specific requirement. Performance, quality, innovation, service, and tech support are what you can expect and will see in our products, company, staff, and service.

Contact us for any of your welding machines and equipment inquiry.

Textile Material Ink Cleaning Products

Tenluxe was founded in 1968 and is headquartered in Taiwan. We specialize in the research and development of ink cleaner products for textile materials. The ink cleaner product/ textile cleaner offerings include textile cleaning guns, trichloroethane naphtha, ink cleaners, tenluxe ink cleaners, puff ink cleaners, snaxin ink cleaners, cleaning spray guns, tag pin guns and lubricant for high speed knitting machines. The development of cleaning additives, including TENNOR AF202, BESCON and Tensoft, took the textile industry into the mechanized era and made the scrubbing of knitted sweaters produced for export by hand a thing of past.

Tenluxe ink cleaner and ink stain removal products are the most widely used in textile and dyeing factories, textile inspection plants, clothing and knitting factories, footwear manufacturers, curtains and sofas, wallpapers, screen printing industry, and more. Tenluxe ink cleaner supply has obtained diverse certifications, welcome to contact us for any ink cleaner supply specifications. OEM or ODM orders are welcome and we would be your best partner in the future.

Trigger Sprayer Tips

Trigger sprays are used for a number of applications across different sectors. They make liquids easy to dispense thanks to the targeted or diffuse spray functions of the trigger sprays. And unlike aerosols, trigger sprays can be attached to different plastic bottles and are more environmentally friendly. Different sizes of holes in the sprays ensure that liquids of different viscosities can easily be sprayed…

Trigger sprays are used for cleaning products, household, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, horticultural and industrial use. Special chemical resistant trigger sprays are used for some harsh solvents and chemicals.

Depending on the application of your product, you can select a trigger spray bottle that will do the job. If the spray does not fit properly, leaks or sprays haphazardly, your product can suffer in sales, so the trigger spray bottles should be the right size and shape and the trigger spray closure should match the product requirements.

Oil Seals Auto Multi-Functional Working Line

SUN HUANG JU HYDRAULIC MACHINERY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. was established in May 1978 located in Taiwan. It is a professional and experienced hydraulic machines manufacturer of oil seals auto multi-functional working line.

Welcome to visit “http://www.huangju.com.tw“and “http://www.sunhuangju.com.tw“. We develop a series new full auto working line to finish all the working process efficiently to cut down the labor cost, improve quality and increase product value.

The world famous rubber companies such as SKF, FDS, PAKER, HALUTE, SEA, GARLOCK, BOUSH, NOK(Japan), KEEPER(Japan), ARIS(Japan), P&K(China), SHERCON(China), FENNER(India), KOK(Taiwan), NAK(Taiwan), FOS(Taiwan), and so on are all our customers.

As for our profession & experience in oil seals auto multi-functional working line, we have successfully improved the quality and manufacture technology of seals. Many thanks for getting much supporting from our customers. Hope we can provide more service to more customers and input more energy to the seals industry.

The Wireless Company – Autotek Limited

Autotek WLAN and WIMAX antenna manufacturer is one of the outstanding antenna manufacturers in Taiwan which produce wireless antennas. We have years of experience in manufacturing various kinds of WLAN antennas and WIMAX antennas. Our product series are including WP-5823, WR-2417/19, WS-2316, WY-0825, WY-2312 and so on. We have specialized in manufacturing WLAN and WIMAX antennas for several years, and in order to satisfy our clients, our WLAN and WIMAX antennas are made in high quality and competitive price.

Autotek Limited is a growing company with aggressive business strategies, and an excellent credit standing. Our engineers are exceptionally well qualified and all of our company personnel are dedicated professionals with high morale. We handle all of our business dealings with complete confidence and well laid plans. Thus, despite of the fact that many of our competitors were forced out of business or into financial difficulties during recent challenging economic periods, our company grew stronger and stands ready to serve you today.

Our basic business strategies are offering fine quality products which perform as well as the most famous brands at the most competitive prices with excellent service. We warrant all of our products to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of 180 days from shipping date. Furthermore, we always remain sensitive to the needs of our customers and make customer satisfaction our highest priority. We warrant all of our products to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of 180 days from shipping date. Contact us now!