Various Types of Vane Pumps

Established in 1984, ANSON Hydraulics Industrial Co., Ltd. is a highly reputed manufacturer for vane pump. Since the company established, ANSON has always followed its policy of “Technology Upgrading, Quality Insistence, and Comprehensive Service”. We do not only constantly pursue technological breakthroughs for developing new vane pumps, but also heavily invested in the most sophisticated machining equipment. The wide range of precision machining equipment enabled us to machine the most parts in-house, so that we can produce the parts to the desired accuracy. In addition, our fully equipped QC department also has a three dimensional measuring machine, which fully reflects ANSON’s instance on pursuing the best possible quality of vane pumps. Based on the existing resources, we have always looked into the future; we will keep moving in the pursuit of high level, and raise our business structure to face the various competitions among vane pump industry.

Flexible PCB Solutions

Flex circuit is a pattern of conductors created on a bendable film that acts as an insulating (dielectric) base material. The top is coated with a dielectric cover layer. FPC can be developed using polyester or polyimide (Kapton) as the base material depending on your interface requirements. Structure can be rigid or flexible to reduce interconnection and incorporate tails directly into the circuit. FPC can be designed from simple single layer copper flex on polyester to complex double sided on polyimide, and even intricate multi-layer composition.


Elcom Design Inc. insists to provide the best flexible PCB to our clients; the flexible PCBs are all pass strict quality control processes. If you are interested in our flexible PCB products, please feel free to contact us! Flexible PCB OEM orders are welcome!


Benefits of flex circuits compared to traditional cabling and rigid boards include:

  • Reduced wiring errors
  • Elimination of mechanical connectors
  • Unparalleled design flexibility
  • Higher circuit density
  • More robust operating temperature range
  • Stronger signal quality
  • Improved reliability and impedance control
  • Size and weight reduction

Executive Office Chairs Supplier

VOXIM provides executive office chair with the highest level of European quality leather executive seating, at a fraction of the price. The executive desk chairs are featuring hand crafted, double stitched, grade A Italian leather upholstery together with top of the range Italian synchrony mechanism.


VOXIM is immediately recognized by the aesthetic and modern design of its executive office chairs, and all of which make use of private tooling and molding to the utmost advantages.


VOXIM’s service, whether in processing, manufacturing, or shipping orders, is renowned for its professionalism, efficiency, and zero tolerance for error.


We are confident that VOXIM is the first choice of executive desk chair manufacturer and supplier to you!

Adapter Sleeve Exporter

Chin Hsing Precision Industry Co., Ltd is a professional and experienced Taiwan adapter sleeve manufacturer, CS brand adapter sleeve exporter, a nice quality professional bearing adapter sleeve producer and supplier of adapter sleeve to whole the world. Adapter sleeve agent, adapter sleeve distributor, adapter sleeve importer are wanted. Our products: adapter sleeves, withdrawal sleeves, hydraulic adapter sleeves, hydraulic adapter sleeves, lock nuts, lock washers. U.S Size: SNW Series, SNP Series, OEM and ODM Parts, etc.


Our policy insists on the management concepts of “Quality, Sincerity, Trust, Profession and Innovation.” In the future we guarantee that the trade mark of “C.S.” represents the best quality and believe our adapter sleeves will bring a complete satisfaction to all our customers. You will see us more and more throughout the world, and we welcome you to join us.

Archery Equipment

Man Kung has manufactured archery equipment since 1988, and which makes us an experienced archery manufacturer in the industry. We mainly produce crossbow series, crossbow accessory, archery bows, and archery bow accessory and archery toys. Also, we keep improving our archery products to meet the highest standard of our clients’ demands. With us, you can find high quality products with competitive prices and fast delivery. If you are interested in our archery equipment series, please feel free to contact us! OEM or ODM orders are welcome and Man Kung would be your best archeries manufacturer in the future.

Spro Plastic Mold Manufacturer

Welcome to Spro Plastic Mold Manufacturer, an extensive experienced plastic mold manufacturer. We major in injection molding manufacturing, such as plastic injection molding, automotive parts moulds, die casting mold, electronic part molding and gas assistant plastic mold research for better quality and accommodation of environmental protection.


Spro Tech’s quality can be clearly demonstrated on its injection molding products, with quality assurance by the most suitable measuring devices and process monitoring technologies. You are guaranteed that, from raw material to mold finish and delivery, the products you want can be maintained in the mass quality assurance procedure.


We believe that Spro Tech is your best choice of plastic molds manufacturer!

Taiwan Embroidered Products Supplier

Dah Jeng Embroidery Inc. was established in 1983 as a leading manufacturer and exporter in the field of embroidery patch business for more than 30 years. The way we stay on the top of the line is providing competitive price, prompt delivery, top quality and good services to our customers all around the world. Our president, Mr. Tony Yang is the founder and chairman of Taipei County Embroidery Association, who always takes the responsibility to constantly upgrade local embroidery manufacturing expertise. To provide you with premium-quality embroidery patches, we own 50 sets of embroidery machines including Tajima from Japan. The production capacity of our factories in Taiwan and China will always satisfy potential quantity requirement. We will be your best embroidery patch supplier, please contact us now!

Deep Hole Drilling Machine

Honge Precision Industries Corp.’s deep hole drilling machine utilizes the BTA deep hole drilling system for solid deep hole boring 30 to 200mm in diameter, drilling depths up to 5000mm, coolant filtration to 30 microns, the rigid honeycomb walled bed gives a stable cutting condition, FC-32 castings have been stress relived and annealed, hardened and ground ways to hardness HRC 60, the opposite ways and gibs are all Turcite-B plated with hand scraped bearing surface, automatic lubrication pump is provided as standard accessory to ensure all the bearing surface and screws are well lubricated. All box way design provides rigidity for heavy cutting. CE mark is available for special required.


For more deep hole drilling machines, contact now!

Castings of Machine Tools

Founded in 1975, Dei-Wu Casting Co., Ltd. mainly produced vertical machining centers. Dei-Wu is a well-organized corporation and we have persisted in working professionally and accomplishing our faith on the basis of “High-Quality Products, Steady Delivery, and Reasonable Prices”. Up to now, Dei-Wu Casting Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Shouwu Casting Co., Ltd. have average output of 12 thousand and 15 thousand tons production capability respectively annually.


We are looking forward to providing the best vertical machining centers, the most reasonable prices and the very thorough service to our customers.


For more vertical machining center information, please contact us now!

Briefing about CNC Lathe

A CNC lathe is a machine that can spins material to do a variety of operations like sanding, drilling, cutting or sanding. Usually a lathe is used for more intricate cuts and Today, they replace the older multispindle lathes because they are easier to set up and operate.

A CNC lathe will use carbide tooling and is designed using a CAM process which creates a file that can be uploaded to the machine at a later time. The reason these are so popular is because you can set the machine once to do several pieces and it will continue to do them until you have programmed it to stop.

Each CNC lathe has a computer control that allows the machine to be controlled electronically, and this program can be modified to do a variety of things. When an operator runs a CNC lathe they have to have a lot of skill to understand the programs and how the programs to do the work.

You can work with wood when you use a CNC wood lathe or various metals depending on the project you are doing. The wood lathe can be used for wood but also for brass and Aluminum. There are also metalworking CNC lathes or milling machines that cut metal. You can do tapered work with these, drill holes, and create screw threads and more with these lathes.

Some CNC lathes are portable and others are stationary. In many shops for people who do woodwork for a hobby you would find a lathe because it is capable of making a lot of different designs and intricate cuts for things like stair railings, trellis’ or table legs.

The point of using a CNC lathe is to make a piece of material that is symmetrical and beautiful. This is done by placing the material in a machine and allowing that piece to be spun until it reaches the specification that was programmed into the computer. The cutting tools then move around it on the Z and X axis to cut away the material that isn’t needed to make the piece.

The process that the CNC lathe does is called turning and it can do a variety of shapes when it goes through the full process. Many machines are used to create a plain surface to make contour shapes, to taper the ends of some pieces and it makes threaded surfaces. You can also turn metal so that you can create rods bushes, pulleys or other shapes that are needed. In some industries they use a CNC lathe to fabricate parts that may have a cross section that is to move in a circular motion.

Any material can be used as long as it will hold up during the turning process while the software program is continuing its revolutions.

CNC lathes are best used when you want to turn out several pieces of the same size and shape and where you don’t want a lot of decoration. They do have their limitations but for the most part you can create nice pieces with this type of machine.

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