IntenLight, the Superior Carbon Fiber Manufacturing Company

IntenLight carbon fiber manufacturer and supplier, who providing high quality carbon fiber composites and the new series of spread tow carbon fabrics. TEi used an incredible technology to create Thin and Light but high quality with no damage the characteristic of origin fiber. Also, IntenLught end products(carbon fiber supplies, spread tows) have 20% property improved, 20% lighter and 27.5% thinner than regular composite products. For more details of carbon fibre fabrics and carbon fiber supplies, welcome to contact IntenLight, the leading carbon fiber manufacturing company!


Twinhorn Vertical Tapping Centers, CNC Lathes Manufacturers

Twinhorn, the superior manufacturer of machining center series, main products including double column machining centers, CNC lathes, 5ax machining centers, 5 face machining centers, tapping milling centers and moving column machining centers. With years of experiences, Twinhorn manufactures the best machinery to our clients and also keep improving our production line. If you are looking for reliable machining center supplier, Twinhorn is the first choice to you!

Vertical Milling Center Series:

Sanitary Ware Supplier – KINGSWAY Hand Dryers, Sensor Taps

If you are looking more reliable sanitary ware manufacturer, we recommend you KINGSWAY!
Kingsway has manufactured sanitary ware since 1997, the production line including foam soap dispensers, electric hand dryers, sensor taps, urinal flush valves and sanitizer dispensers. With rich experiences and the latest technology, we provide the best products to our clients.
For more information about touchless faucets or other sanitary ware series, welcome to visit the official website!


Model No.: HK-JA01 more.gif

  • One piece heavy-duty cover for strength
  • Less than 10-15 seconds quick drying time
  • Low power consumption at 1,600 watts
  • Adjustable 12,000 ~ 18,000 R.P.M. motor
  • Up to 70% energy saving
  • Intelligent air speed adjustment and heater on/off switch

Model No.: HK-JA04 more.gif

  • One piece heavy-duty cover for strength
  • Less than 10-15 seconds quick drying time
  • Low power consumption at 1,600 watts
  • Adjustable 12,000 ~ 18,000 R.P.M. motor
  • Up to 70% energy saving
  • Intelligent air speed adjustment and heater on/off switch

Kingsway Technology

11TH Fl., No. 27, Sec. 3, Chung Shan N. Rd., Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: 886-2-2591 6311
Fax: 886-2-2591 6321

Fuh Shyan, Office Chairs, Chair Parts Suppliers

Welcome to Fuh Shyan, who has 29 years of experiences in manufacturing office chairs and chair components. Here you can find high quality ergonomic chairs with adjustable headrest, adjustable arm and back height adjustment. The ergonomic office chairs have mesh chair series, task chair series and waiting chair series for you to choose! And if you are interested in our chair parts, such as chair casters, chair bases, chair brackets etc., please feel free to contact us!

Ergonomic Office Chair Series:

Mesh Chairs
Mesh Chair

Task Chairs
Task Chair

Waiting Chairs
Waiting Chair

Fuh Shyan Co., Ltd.
Add : No. 27 . Cherng Gong One St., Boh Doou Tsuen, Min Shyong Hsiang, Chia Yi, Taiwan R.O.C.
Tel:886-5-221-2878 Fax:886-5-221-2832

Plumbing Fittings: PVC Ball Valves and PVC Reducers

Getting to understand each and every part of the plumbing system in your house will help you take up any form of repair and replacement. All you need to know is the exact make and design of the part of the pipeline that is damaged or malfunctioning. The plumbing system of your home consists of pipelines and fittings that connect then and maintain the continuity of the path for water flow. If you are under the notion that pipeline replacement will be easy if you knew the exact size and dimensions required, then you are entirely wrong. You must also know how to handle and use fittings, that will fit the pipeline correctly in the existing system.

Two very important types of fittings that are commonly used in all types of plumbing set-ups are ball valves and reducers. Reducers are fittings that allow the transition of pipe width from broad to narrow dimensions. Ball valves are controllers of water flow which can be manually operated to start or stop the water flow.

These fittings are available in different sizes and can be purchased under different makes. Materials used to make them can be both metallic and non-metallic. Although metal fittings are known for their durability and long lasting performance, they are costly and not easy to replace. Ideally, every plumber will suggest you use PVC ball valves and reducers in your plumbing system for the sheer ease-of-use nature of PVC products. If you are now worried about how durable PVC valves will be, then rest assured they are known to be of durable nature.

PVC ball valves are not only less expensive than metal valves, but they are very easy to handle. If a small blockage or sediment deposition occurs in the interiors of the valve, then plumbers find it easy to replace or repair these parts easily. In case a major damage occurs, you can easily replace the damaged valve with a new one as these products are readily affordable. PVC reducers are available in different width combinations and they are easy to handle while installation.

Thus, whenever you have plumbing issues, check if it is a minor problem that you can fix yourself. Next, look for the damaged part and its ideal replacement. More often than not you will find that going for PVC products gives you the best results in durability and performance. All you need to do is contact providers of PVC fittings like PVC ball valves, reducers, elbows and other such parts, and purchase and replace as per your requirement.

When looking for providers of superior quality PVC valve series, you only need to contact PVC Fittings Direct for their quality products at affordable rates.

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10 Things You MUST CHECK Before Choosing CPU Cooler – Beginner’s Guide


Basically, if you are happy with your boxed cooler performance and you don’t want to bother with replacing it, simply skip this article. With so many choices and so many custom rigs, it’s hard to make a right choice. We are here to give you a few tips. Hope this will help.


The master concern would be the compatibility with the CPU socket type. Please check the user manual or information on the packaging to see what socket type your motherboard and CPU are. It could be Intel Socket 775/1156/1366/1155 or AMD 754/939/940/AM2/AM3/FM1


The biggest concern is whether or not the case is large enough for the chosen cooler. Please check to see if the heat sink can fit in the case (e.g. Coolermaster’s Hyper 612S CPU cooler fits Thermaltake’s M9 case – 163 mm / 6.4″ vs max. 165mm / 6.5″ – with fan duct removed and only 100 mm / 3.9# with fan duct).

You should consider weather your case comes with the fan duct or with the pre-installed side panel fan. Then you need to remove these or to look for a low-profile CPU cooler.

You could even remove the side panel if you wish to but it’s not recommended.


You might want consider on the height of ram heat sinks you are using. Sometimes if memory is too tall (e.g. G.Skill’s DDR3 Trident Series) it will hit the fan on the heat sink. You should check with the user manual and compare these dimensions. Well, it’s hard to believe manufacturers will provide this data by default but it’s possible at product technical support or searched through the web.

That’s why we are here to provide you that data according to our burned rigs measurements.

With narrow CPU heat sinks, you probably want to have this kind of information (e.g. Arctic’s Freezer Xtreme or Xigmatek’s Gaia).


Sometimes is not easy to install the cooler regardless user manual provided, because the mounting mechanism is too complicated. Than you should think of easy installation as the right way for you to take.

I don’t want to discourage you but if you don’t have idea of how to apply thermal compound to a CPU then choose only the simplest installation coolers with pre-applied thermal compound – not the best solution but good enough.


There are a few signs which could tell what to expect and which are preferable:

-packaging – basically the bigger is the better,

-heat sink size and weight – again the bigger is the better (cooling capacity)

-number of heat pipes – the more means the better heat conduct,

-base – Copper base with direct touch design should be more efficient than other designs,

– TDP – Thermal Design Power or maximal dissipation heat capacity before exceeding the maximum junction temperature for the CPU – the higher the better. Note the parameter is not crucial unless you do heavy burning / overclocking


An active CPU cooler uses fan so here are a few recommendations what to pay attention at with the fan(s) bundled:

  • the bigger the better (e.g. 140mm vs 120mm), the more the better (e.g.Zalman’s CNPS12X with triple fan)
  • the more flow the better (CFM – cubic feet per minute or L/min – litters per minute, typically 20 to over a few hundreds CFM) e.g. Delta Electronics case fan with over 240 CFM,
  • the more pressure the better (mmH2O – millimeter of water @ 4°C, typically 0.1 to over 2 ) e.g. Delta Electronics case fan with 27.48 mm H2O
  • PWM function is a common method of controlling fans speed. (Must be enabled in BIOS settings after installation.) It is recommended to choose a PWM capable fan. You could easily recognize it by the 4-pin connector. Speed range from 0 to few thousands RPM, e.g. Delta Electronics case fan with 5200 RPM.
  • Option for installation of second fan for push/pull setup is preferable but not crucial


Passive cooling (e.g. PROLIMATECH Super Mega) is the best way to silent system but as you could guess, the most CPU coolers are active with fan(s) installed.

If you appreciate silence coming from your rig then check the noise performance of the cooler’s fan(s) before buying. The less dBa the quitter the fan.

Sometimes manufacturers provide accessories to control or reduce fan speed manually via adjuster and/or adapters/resistors – choose these manufacturers/products. If you like to modify your rigs yourself then you should make sure fan(s) can be replaced with the custom fan(s) you prefer because sometimes it’s not possible to make alterations (e.g. Arctic’s Freezer Xtreme).

You should also check if Anti-Vibe fan mountings are bundled – highly appreciated addition.


Except a few things mentioned before (fan speed adapter/control-resistor, optional fan mounting mechanism, anti-vibe mountings, etc.) you would like to see some more stuff bundled:

  • Good user manual
  • Thermal grease
  • LED fan if you like cool aesthetics


Everybody wants to be sure as long as possible to be able to replace the bad product if it dies. But be sure to check what the numbers behind the years declared mean for real.


Nowadays manufacturers offer a wide price range for the one type of products so please choose as you like. It’s like with the cars for example, for a few more horse powers the price rises exponentially what bring us to the conclusion – it’s not always necessary to use the most expensive hardware.

Let me mention few best seller CPU Coolers for you to have an idea what to search for:

– Cooler Master Hyper 212+

– Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro

– Noctua NH-D14

– Cooler Master V8

– Cooler Master Hyper TX3

– Xigmatek Dark Knight

– Prolimatech Megahelms

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Wire Harness Leading Manufacturer – G-GA Company

Running in the vehicle, wire harness plays a critical role in “connecting” various components. As continuing growing in advanced car functions, their component parts increasingly require electronics to meet other requirements. G-GA Company manufactures wiring harnesses, power transformers, power supply cords and PCB assemblies that contribute tremendously to the developments of auto market around the world.

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