Oil Seals Auto Multi-Functional Working Line

SUN HUANG JU HYDRAULIC MACHINERY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. was established in May 1978 located in Taiwan. It is a professional and experienced hydraulic machines manufacturer of oil seals auto multi-functional working line.

Welcome to visit “http://www.huangju.com.tw“and “http://www.sunhuangju.com.tw“. We develop a series new full auto working line to finish all the working process efficiently to cut down the labor cost, improve quality and increase product value.

The world famous rubber companies such as SKF, FDS, PAKER, HALUTE, SEA, GARLOCK, BOUSH, NOK(Japan), KEEPER(Japan), ARIS(Japan), P&K(China), SHERCON(China), FENNER(India), KOK(Taiwan), NAK(Taiwan), FOS(Taiwan), and so on are all our customers.

As for our profession & experience in oil seals auto multi-functional working line, we have successfully improved the quality and manufacture technology of seals. Many thanks for getting much supporting from our customers. Hope we can provide more service to more customers and input more energy to the seals industry.

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