Trigger Sprayer Tips

Trigger sprays are used for a number of applications across different sectors. They make liquids easy to dispense thanks to the targeted or diffuse spray functions of the trigger sprays. And unlike aerosols, trigger sprays can be attached to different plastic bottles and are more environmentally friendly. Different sizes of holes in the sprays ensure that liquids of different viscosities can easily be sprayed…

Trigger sprays are used for cleaning products, household, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, horticultural and industrial use. Special chemical resistant trigger sprays are used for some harsh solvents and chemicals.

Depending on the application of your product, you can select a trigger spray bottle that will do the job. If the spray does not fit properly, leaks or sprays haphazardly, your product can suffer in sales, so the trigger spray bottles should be the right size and shape and the trigger spray closure should match the product requirements.

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