Professional Pressure Gauges from SKON

The early years of SKON was focused on general pressure gauges and vacuum pressure gauges. We gradually improved our technology for production and decided to set a new objective for the company to move into the new generation models of SKON pressure gauges with high precisions & calibration.


In year 2000, SKON was the first company to have successfully launched the 6″ Precision Standard Pressure Gauge in Taiwan. It was widely used as the industrial benchmark standard for precision pressure measurement in Taiwan.


In 2003, we took a step further to develop our own unique high technology electrical measuring equipment – All PP/PVDF one piece ejection mold for Diaphragm Pressure Gauges with bottom flanges, again it was successfully launched as a new innovative breakthrough in the industrial market.


As we look ahead into future, our next move will be to start full scale production for electrical pressure gauges and to achieve greater success with our customer service.

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