Lotion Pump Supplier

Established in 1991, Living Fountain Plastic Ind. Co., Ltd. the world’s no. 1 professional plastic cosmetics packaging manufacturer. It carries a wide range of products, including Cream Pump / Treatment Pump, Lotion Pump, Dispenser Pump, Water Resistant Pump, Spring Outboard Pump, Shower Pump/ Gel Pump, Pumice Pump, Diffuser Pump, Trigger Sprayer, Fine Mist Sprayer/ Atomizer, Airless Bottle, PET Preform, PET Bottle/ Jar, PE/PP Bottles, Cap Series…


Our various lotion pumps are especially favored worldwide customers. More lotion pumps and other plastic cosmetic packaging are available upon your request!


Living Fountain Plastic Ind. Co., Ltd. team is devoted to bring full services by utilizing production line effectively to satisfy customers’ needs.. Our corporate philosophy is to provide customers best services and qualified products which not only have received high marks from industry peers, win the trust and admiring by industries worldwide; we would keep following our belief and develop the most valuable products for our customers.

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