Taiwan Professional RF Remote Control Manufacturer

AutoMicro is a specialist in outlining and assembling the Auto/Bike alerts in remote frameworks, DIY or wired structures. In addition, the IR and the RF remote control subsystems are additionally accessible. We have the CE/BZT-affirmed IR and RF remote control.


AutoMicro invites different sorts of business running from wholesaler, OEM, ODM, to CKD business. Indeed, even we can offer our items incompletely and independently. Any above requests are invited.


We carry quite a lot of products and services as following:


Entryway and Garage Door Opener

For business and private entryway and carport entryway openers, continuously convey RF remote control which offers an extreme in security and security. Meanwhile, makes your life more advantageous. They are the ideal decision for homes.


Character Token

Character tokens can be utilized to affirm personality to get entrance to email, systems, intranets and extranets, desktops, Web disjoins and more. Tokens are more secure to use than passwords, don’t change regularly and effortlessly traded off.


Electronic Door Lock

Electronic robotization sensor entryways and electronic entryways have been basically utilized as a part of our day by day life all around. Businesses structures, workplaces, lodgings and dormitories…etc. It is a perfect approach to oversee individuals’ passage by focal access control.


Auto Immobilizer

The greater parts of more established vehicles have inadequate security or none by any stretch of the imagination. An immobilizer can be a totally safe gear to keeps the engine from running unless the right key (or other token) is available. Everything autos need this insurance for wellbeing property.


Remote Entry System

Boundary administrators are constantly used in airplane terminals, parking areas, and office structures. It oversaw vehicles entering under legitimate approval. Most applications utilization RF remote control as arrangements including stopping door boundaries and RFID stopping control.


Alert System

Ensure your home and auto with a remote security framework. We give distinctive home, auto & cruiser alerts for client’s decisions. With pleasant quality and expert bolster, verify you utilize the most secure unit for your crew.


Mechanization Controller

A programmable controller is viewed as an exceptionally advantageous apparatus these days. For the most part utilized as a part of mechanical settings is for example, remote types of gear. Particularly for LED lightings, sprinkles, swimming pools, and farming encouraging control.


ODM Service

AutoMicro has been practicing on OEM and ODM administration. Continue advertising all out arrangements and different specialized backing to our clients around the world. A dependable manufacturing plant you can rely on. Welcome SKD/CKD business. Your extraordinary prerequisites are all welcome.

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