Sucoot Scaffolding & Formwork Supplier: Best Industrial Solutions for Engineering Projects

Taiwan Expert of Scaffold and Formwork

Established in 1984, Sucoot Co., Ltd. specializes in industrial scaffolding accessories & formwork parts. Their industrial scaffolding products are engineered for safety, strength and flexibility to meet international standards within this industrial scaffolding industry, which are important for structural engineers, scaffolding factories and formwork specialists.


Where Can Sucoot Scaffold and Formwork Parts Apply?

Formwork Parts
Sucoot only provides customers best quality base beam, top beam, and much more formwork parts.

In terms of working processes, Sucoot has expertise in iron casting, steel forging and thread rolling. They are confident that their quality is on par with other world-leading brands. Especially their Ring System Scaffold, it has been widely used in many civil engineering projects, such as high speed rail, freeway, elevated railway, subway, high-tech factories, and music concert, and event application, etc.


Sell Scaffolding Accessories and Formwork Parts Worldwide

Scaffolding Application
Sucoot scaffold and formwork parts can be used in many civil engineering projects.

Sucoot has exported their system to Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Dubai, Israel, South Africa, Spain, Viet Nam, Indonesia, Russia, and Colombia. They successfully make use of their experience and the techniques into local civil engineering projects.


In 2008, Sucoot developed a lighter Ring System for facade application use such as petrochemical, energy, manufacturing and wall refurbishment. It has gained many great reviews from clients and end users. They were also honor to have the chance in association with Oscar best director, Ang Lee, assisting to create the movie scene with our Ring System Scaffold.


With Sucoot’s technical knowledge, ready-to-ship inventory and full-service solution, they are able to serve customers with confidence and enthusiasm. If you have requirement or need more information of scaffolding and formwork parts, no hesitation, contact with Sucoot formwork supplier for more details!


Sucoot Co., Ltd.

No.1836, Sec.4, Taiwan Blvd, Taichung 40764, Taiwan

Tel: 04-23598338

Fax: 04-23598480


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