How to Distinguish The Different Chucks?

What is Chuck?

Chuck is a device used to clamp a workpiece on a machine tool. It is usually applied on the workpiece cutting of the CNC center.

Classification chucks with different jaws

According to the number of jaws, chucks can be divided into two jaws, three jaws, four jaws, six jaws, and special jaws chucks. Different jaws with their own features and suitable for different usage.

Two jaws chuck: can move separately or at the same time, suitable for square and special-shaped automobile parts.
Three jaws chuck: with strong clamping force, suitable for small, light aluminum high-speed cutting or regular-shaped work objects
Four claws chuck: usually each claw moves independently, suitable for four-corner, round over-heavy cutting, and irregular work objects.
Six jaws chuck: suitable for drills and end mills.

Classification with Operating Way

We can mainly divide chunks into manual chuck and power chucks according to the action method.

Manual chuck is the most widely used chuck, usually applicable for workpiece turning or milling. Various workpieces can be clamped by manually adjusting. Its advantage is that the workpiece can be completely fixed to avoid being damaged by the chuck. The operator can also make more adjustments on the manual chuck, and the adjustment flexibility is greater.

Power Chuck operates the clamping jaws pneumatically or hydraulically and can automatically fix the workpiece and clamp it in place. It can improve work efficiency and is easier to mass-produce. However, compared to manual chucks, power chucks have poor adjustability, that is why manual chucks are more suitable for small batch and high-precision applications.

Actually, each power chucks supplier has different products, such as pneumatic chucks, scroll chucks, precision chucks, etc. If you are finding a chuck supplier, you can find the following information.

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