Shuztung Machinery, a leading company of manufacturing various machinery and automation equipment launching a brand new 3D laser cutting equipment.


Brand new 3D laser cutting machine has launched by Shuztung Machinery in 2017.


More than 40 years of experiences in machine equipment developing and manufacturing, Shuztung Machinery is one of the leading companies in manufacturing turn-key equipment for bicycles, tube/pipe benders, end forming machines…etc. Machines do not only sell to Taiwanese customers, but also mainly for worldwide markets with high reputation. More than 1000 items are sold around the world.


In 2017, Shuztung Machinery has developed a brand new model, RLS-1000, 3D laser cutting machine which is a new innovation system including 8 axes robot system and IPG laser cutting head to be worked for various cutting of angels, curvature, curve, and irregular shapes. For different industries, such as Automotive, Aerospace, Bicycles, Motorcycles, 3D industry, and Conventional industry. For different materials, like carbon steel, CRMO steel, stainless, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy…etc.


Together with bending machine and robot for transferring, Shuztung Machinery is demonstrating an auto cell system with 3D laser cutting machine in 2017 TIMTOS exhibition. Welcome to visit us at the show for more information.


2017 TIMTOS Exhibition

Date: March 7th to 12th, 2017

Booth: C1200




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Pipe Bender by Shuz Tung Machinery

Shuz Tung Machinery was established in 1978 as a specialized pipe bender manufacturer of a wide variety of pipe benders and tube bending machines, such as auto pipe bender, semi auto pipe bender and special customer pipe benders. Dedicated to providing customers with the most credible and reliable industrial equipment, the company has been making relentless efforts on superior technology and engineering to enhance the performance of the pipe benders.


Based on the long experience in pipe bender field, it has won the great confidence from customers who count on the precision and effectiveness the pipe and tubing benders deliver. Educate yourself and your professionals: check out these materials. We’ll show you how you can utilize your pipe bending machine in your store for a high quality service to your customers. If you are interested in pipe bender and tube bending machine series, please contact us for more information.

A Professional Tube Bender Manufacturer-SOCO

SOCO Co., Ltd. is a leader manufacturer of pipe bending machine & tube bender in Taiwan, SOCO has strong experience by building firm partnerships with its partners and customers around the world. Honest working relationship is a core value at SOCO. It is also recognized by other names such as a tube bender or a bending brake. Our design team is charged with the task of ongoing development and continuous innovation. As the founder and leader of this tube bender industry in Taiwan , SOCO has built its reputation by providing advanced technology and unsurpassed machine performance. From customer to customer, SOCO has built a strong reputation and expanded its market not only in Asia region but also rapidly growing in Western country. We are confident to be your best supplier of tube benders & pipe bending machines.

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tube bender

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