Draw Latch of Youn Shuay

Youn Shuay latch manufacturer was founded in 1984. We have focused on draw latch for many years and also dealed with many customers all worldwide. Our latch category is including draw latch, twist latch, recessed latch, handle and some related luggage parts. We keep devote to improve the product quality, to renew the facilities and to expand the production capacity industriously. To produce durable and  high quality latches is our main emphasis. For the further information, please browse our website or contact us.

Youn Shuay Industrial Co., Ltd.

No. 19, Lane 432, Yung Fang Road, Tong Fang Li, Chunghua, Taiwan
Tel: 886-4-7523293
Fax: 886-4-7613699
Contact: Mr. Steven Chang
E-mail: ysi@drawbolt-lock.com