Cartridge Web™ Printer Cartridge Supplier – The Leading Brand of Toner Cartridge

Important Mile Stone

Cartridge Web™ is a leading brand of printer cartridges with more than 30-year experience. In 2001 publicly traded in the Taiwan stock market to become a listed company, 2002 they started mass production of the first model of “All in one” complicated laser printer toner cartridges and developed several models of complicated laser printer toner cartridges. 6 years later, in early 2008 they started the cartridge aftermarket.

R&D Ability and Corporate Vision

In order to create a cartridge web brand for the finished goods wholesale market on toner cartridge for printers, Cartridge Web™
dedicated themselves to making deep research in product function engineering, patent avoidance engineering, and quality control study, before the remanufactured toner and compatible toner cartridges into the market, they also certified by R&D and quality control.

The most important mission to them is to offer the best alternative printer toner cartridges to the OEM supplies. Cartridge Web™ is like manufacturer and sales of products and provides solutions for imaging suppliers.

To boost their compatible toner cartridge value and market competition, Cartridge Web™ invested huge capital in our r&d activities. we overcome patenets and technical issues, applying our own IP aggressively. To them, innovation is everything, and coming with better toner cartridges, customers will flock to us!

If you are interested in Kyocera compatible toner, toner cartridge, laser printer toner, or remanufactured toner just feel free to contact Cartridge Web™.

General Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. (GPI)

50, Tzu-Chiang Rd., Wu-Chi District,Taichung City, Taiwan 43546



SIMCO Spring Machine: Best Springs Manufacturing Choice

To produce quality springs, please choose SIMCO spring making machines.

SIMCO Spring Machine Company

Founded in 1980, SIMCO Spring Machinery Company has been the leading enterprise in spring machine over two decades. For its excellent services, reasonable pricing and high performance, SIMCO has won wide recognition and enjoyed worldwide distribution to America, Europe, Australia, South-East Asia and mainland China, selling more than 2000 machines to hundreds of customers.

Global Sales

To better serve the needs of its global customers, SIMCO establishes marketing and service agents in America, Europe, Australia and Africa, and operates branch offices in China including Shanghai, Tianjin, Zhejiang and Guangdong.


SIMCO was certified in compliance with ISO 9001 in 1995. Through stringent quality control and its commitment to industrial professionalism, top quality, efficient services and customer satisfaction, SIMCO wishes to continuously provide its customers with products of higher quality along with better services.


Besides its goal in providing best customer services, SIMCO cares about its employees for their sense of accomplishment and career planning, and endeavors to create a culture of honesty, thriftiness and happiness. SIMCO also hopes to encourage its members to develop enthusiasm for work and personality of joy and peace through the enterprise philosophy and the cultivation of business ethics.

If you have interest or requirement of spring making machines, welcome to check out SIMCO website and find the machinery you need. Today, contact with SIMCO for more information!

SIMCO Spring Machinery Company

6F.-1, No.27, Ln. 61, Sec. 1, Guangfu Rd., Sanchong Dist., New Taipei City 24158, Taiwan

Tel: +886-2-29954088

Fax: +886-2-29994685


Sucoot Scaffolding & Formwork Supplier: Best Industrial Solutions for Engineering Projects

Taiwan Expert of Scaffold and Formwork

Established in 1984, Sucoot Co., Ltd. specializes in industrial scaffolding accessories & formwork parts. Their industrial scaffolding products are engineered for safety, strength and flexibility to meet international standards within this industrial scaffolding industry, which are important for structural engineers, scaffolding factories and formwork specialists.


Where Can Sucoot Scaffold and Formwork Parts Apply?

Formwork Parts
Sucoot only provides customers best quality base beam, top beam, and much more formwork parts.

In terms of working processes, Sucoot has expertise in iron casting, steel forging and thread rolling. They are confident that their quality is on par with other world-leading brands. Especially their Ring System Scaffold, it has been widely used in many civil engineering projects, such as high speed rail, freeway, elevated railway, subway, high-tech factories, and music concert, and event application, etc.


Sell Scaffolding Accessories and Formwork Parts Worldwide

Scaffolding Application
Sucoot scaffold and formwork parts can be used in many civil engineering projects.

Sucoot has exported their system to Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Dubai, Israel, South Africa, Spain, Viet Nam, Indonesia, Russia, and Colombia. They successfully make use of their experience and the techniques into local civil engineering projects.


In 2008, Sucoot developed a lighter Ring System for facade application use such as petrochemical, energy, manufacturing and wall refurbishment. It has gained many great reviews from clients and end users. They were also honor to have the chance in association with Oscar best director, Ang Lee, assisting to create the movie scene with our Ring System Scaffold.


With Sucoot’s technical knowledge, ready-to-ship inventory and full-service solution, they are able to serve customers with confidence and enthusiasm. If you have requirement or need more information of scaffolding and formwork parts, no hesitation, contact with Sucoot formwork supplier for more details!


Sucoot Co., Ltd.

No.1836, Sec.4, Taiwan Blvd, Taichung 40764, Taiwan

Tel: 04-23598338

Fax: 04-23598480


Win Shine Carton Erecting Machine: The Best Way to Manufacture Disposable Boxes and Hamburger Boxes!

Paper carton erecting machine is an ideal choice to produce disposable snack boxes, hamburger boxes etc.


Win Shine Machinery Co., Ltd. is a paper food packaging containers making machines manufacturer with years of vast experience and expertise. They develop and customize a series of lunch box making machines to meet customers’ requirements. If you need to manufacture paper snack boxes or hamburger boxes, I will recommend you consider Win Shine’s Carton Erecting Machine as reference.


Let’s see the box erecting machine’s information below:


Paper Box Erecting Machine


2 mold paper pail, carton erecting and gluing machine

Win Shine Carton Erecting Machine

Win Shine Carton Erecting Machine is a special forming machine to produce burger box, one block box, food pail box (Togo box), French fires box and so on containers made by cardboard paper and corrugated paper.



Cardboard paper one side PE coated paper (200~600GSM), or corrugated paper with maximum thickness 1.5MM.


PS: Also can produce containers made by aluminum foiled paper, 2PE or 1PE coated paper with hot gluing system.



  1. Ability of producing different products by the same machine. Shortage changing mold’s time. Easy changing mold.
  2. Controlled by PLC.
  3. Finished products are collected, stacked, and counted automatically.


A carton erecting machine is a worthy investment, provided you take appropriate care of it over the years. A reliable machine fit for a long service life.


Now, if you have interest or requirement of carton erecting machine, no hesitation, send inquiry or contact with Win Shine Machinery Co., Ltd. for more details!


Win Shine Machinery Co., Ltd.

No.208, Sec. 1, Guofeng Rd., Shengang Dist., Taichung City, 42942, Taiwan

TEL: +886-4-2515-4999

FAX: +886-4-2525-0111


Cartridge Web™ Toner Cartridge Manufacturer: Best Toner Cartridge for Laser Printers

Leading Toner Cartridge Manufacturer in Taiwan

Cartridge Web™ (CW) is a brand created by General Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. (GPI) which has been one of the leaders in the manufacturing industry for over 30 years and is a publicly traded company in Taiwan stock market. Their plant is certified by ISO 9001, 14001, STMC, WEEE, and CE. In addition, they currently have more than 60 outstanding in-house engineers who are strictly focused on R&D and quality control.
Cartridge Web™ brand was created in early 2008 for the aftermarket worldwide to facilitate our worldwide partners. Their mission is to offer the best alternative products to the OEM supplies. Thus, their outstanding teams are continuously making deep research in product function engineering, patent avoidance engineering and quality control study before they brought their products into the market. Cartridge Web toner cartridge performance meets OEM’s quality standards, along with better service and awesome prices.


Brand Statement: Alternative Solution for Imaging Supplies


Switch to Cartridge Web™ products as your ultimate alternative to OEM supplies. Their brand statement expresses the value that Cartridge Web offers to customers and all other end-users.


It is their commitment that Cartridge Web™ is equivalent to the pronoun of best compatible printer toner cartridge.


High Quality, Efficiency and Satisfaction Guarantee

Cartridge Web™ provides high quality and high value-added toner cartridges and executes an efficient delivery system to satisfy customers’ demands. Cartridge Web™ obtains customer loyalty with corporate proven sincerity, passion in innovation and integrity.


If you want to buy high-quality and reasonable-price toner cartridges, please choose Cartridge Web™ as your laser printer cartridge supplier. They can provide you best quality printer cartridges and services. Now, contact with Cartridge Web™ for more details!


General Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.

50, Tzu-Chiang Rd., Wu-Chi Dist. Taichung Taiwan 43547

Tel: +886-4-2639-3103

Fax: +886-4-2639-6204


Power Chuck Manufacturer: Autogrip Machinery, Your Best Choice for Air Chucks

Professional Air Chucks Supplier

Established in 1989, Autogrip Machinery focuses on the power chucks, rotary cylinders and automatic clamping series. They provide the optimized solutions and services for customers worldwide.


Business Philosophy of Autogrip

With integrity and commitment, Autogrip provides the most professional chucks and services for clients.


Their factory locates in the middle part of Taiwan; the campus occupies 10,000 square meters. Autogrip makes world-class high-quality products and services with high customer satisfaction.


Best Power Chucks Are Made in Taiwan

All the products of Autogrip are designed and made in hometown – Taiwan. You can find that their products have a strong Taiwan spirit- solid and durable, with high rigidity and high precision. The company has a good reputation in the industry, because Autogrip is devoted to providing the optimized solutions and service for the workpiece clamping needs.


Autogrip continues to develop reliable test equipment and technique for controlling the product quality. Before the new product is launched to the market, the products will go through a series of tests to ensure that the performance and accuracy meet the design specifications.


Power chucks in the manufacturing process are also tested regularly to ensure the products are of good quality and consistent. Their Lab controls the quality for the customers and provides customers with the most satisfied experience when using the products.


Here, You Can Find…


Autogrip Machinery specializes in a complete set of 79-inch and under series, and related products. Such as power chucks, special purpose power chucks, air chucks, collet chucks, stationary chucks, synchronous clamps, facing heads, rotary cylinders, rotary valve/ rotary joint and accessories.


As the leading power chuck manufacturer, Autogrip will keep providing best quality power chucks for you. Learn more details about the company, please feel free to check out their website and feel free to contact with Autogrip.



Autogrip Machinery Co., Ltd.

No.229, Sec. 1, Ming Sheng Rd., Pu Hsin Hsiang, Chang-Hua Hsien, 513 Taiwan

Tel: +886-4-822-8719

Fax: +886-4-823-5719


Right Lubricant and Oil for Your Motorcycle and Industrial Equipment – Min Jung Hong

Before buying, you should consider and choose right oil and lubricant for your motorcycle, automobile, or industrial equipment.


Well, Where to Get The Excellent Oil And Lubricant?


About this question, I can recommend you to visit a professional oil and lubricant supplier, Min Jung Hong Inc.



Min Jung Hong Inc. was established in 1993. Their original sale business was to import American lubricant and distribute consumption goods for vehicles.


To respond to clients’ requirements, Min Jung Hong built a plant in Douliu industrial area of Yunlin Hsien in 1998 and cooperated with world-famous additive supplier, which supplies formulation of materials and technology for them to manufacture lubricant for automobiles and industry. Min June Hong can also develop maintenance for each type of vehicles based on customers’ demands.


Their products include: motorcycle lubricants, high performance motor oil, heavy duty machinery oil, agricultural lubricants, MoS2 grease, fuel injector cleaner, etc.


If you want to choose the right engine oil and motorcycle lubricants, I think Min Jung Hong will be your best choice. Learn more information about lubricant and oil, try to check out Min June Hong’s product pages and feel free to send inquiries to them.



Min Jung Hong Inc.

No.39, Tou Kung 6 Rd., Industrial Area, Touliu City, Yun Lin Hsien, Taiwan

TEL: 886-5-5576016

FAX: 886-5-5576015

E-mail: /

Great Pump Vanes Cooperation Partner with You – Mountop Precision

Established in 1979, Mountop Precision began by providing clients with heat-treatment finishing work, specializing in heat-treatment of high-speed steel and steel molds.

Pump Vanes
In keeping with current trends toward automation, Mountop Precision has continually upgraded its products precision and aggressively researched smaller, shorter, thinner, lighter pump vanes. In order to offer pump vanes reaching the highest standard of micro-tolerances and upgrades its manufacturing facilities. Mountop Precision has import equipment and instruments from Europe, Japan, and Switzerland to become a leading supplier of Hydraulic pump vanes and Rotary compressor vanes. Annual outputs are approaching 30 million units.


Winning the confidence of its clients, Mountop Precision is Taiwan’s leading supplier of high quality vanes. Their overseas markets include the United States, Japan, Mainland China, India, and Korea.


Mountop Precision takes “Sure-footed progress; constant innovation” as its guiding principle. In the year 2000, Mountop Precision was certified ISO-9001-2000 compliant, and the products control precision (C.P.) values of up to 1.7. Mountop Precision and its personnel maintain the flexibility to meet the needs of a progressive industry in times of rapid change.


In this case, Mountop supplies global customers a series of pump vanes with excellent quality. If you need more information about pump vanes, please do not feel hesitated to contact with Mountop Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.


Mountop Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.

No. 1, Alley 36, Lane 229, Chung Shan Rd., Sec. 1, Wu Jih Dist., Taichung City , Taiwan, R.O.C.

TEL: 886-4-23377188

FAX: 886-4-23370317


Give Your Smart Phone The Best Protective Films

Where Can You Find The Best Protective Films?

About this question, I recommend that you can visit the website of this company – Prochase Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Prochase Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1992. They manufacture and provide compounding engineering plastic materials such as LCP, PPS, PA46, PA6T, PA9T, PA66, PC, Conductive materials, SEBS, non-halogen flame retardant of TPU, plastics with glass fiber, Teflon, Silicon , anti-static, UV additives – high temperature and high performance engineering plastics & elastomers to serve the global customers.


In addition, in order to match the trend and the coming years of touch screen era, Prochase also has their own precise coating factory to manufacture such as PET protective film, anti-scratch film, anti-glare film, anti-static PET film and so on products.


These protective films are applicate on computer industries, TV industries, communication industries, electric industry, optical and AV products, auto parts, lighting industry, iPod and MP3, iPhone, iPad and steel housing, etc.


Prochase provides a large number of quantities of fluorosilicone release liner for the world market; they also offer our famous anti scratch, anti-glare, anti-finger print and privacy protective films for the world. Such as:


Prochase Anti Scratch Protective Film

Prochase Anti Scratch Protective Film
Application for PDA, Digital camera, NB screens, mobile phone panels. The hardness is 3 H in pencil hardness. It can protect all electronic panels, lens or screen to be scratched under transportation or manual mistaken procession.


If you have any interest in anti-scratch film or other protective films, welcome to check out Prochase product pages and feel free to send inquiry to them. Let Prochase know your requirements of protective films.



Prochase Enterprise Co., Ltd.

No.33, Yonglong Rd., Dali Dist., Taichung City 412, Taiwan.

TEL: 886-4-24066838

FAX: 886-4-24065180


Choose Coolmosa As Your CPU Cooler Manufacturer…

Taiwan Professional Metal Stamping Manufacturer

Established in 1988, Coolmosa Technology Co., Ltd. was specializing in stamping of metal, and then enters into the cooler field in 2001 for customer’s requirement. Have ISO 9002 approval, Coolmosa always does its best to control quality seriously. Rely on outstanding technical expertise and extensive experiences, the company offers the service and products that suite your business needs the best. Not only offer manufacturing, subassembly, but also provide design and test services as well as OEM for your customer’s models.


In the past fifteen years, even though there had been depressed times in the economy environment, Coolmosa has being operated and run smoothly under the current management who are committed to provide honest service and the best professional products to clients.


Best Choice of CPU Cooler

Coolmosa CPU cooler is applying the newest “Fins Skiving” Technology for top performance; this technology enables greater surface area and thus increased cooling performance.


Coolmosa has strong R&D team, enable them to constantly develop the top quality CPU cooler and PC thermal cooling products for the market requirement. Their mission is to provide exceptional satisfaction to customers by understanding their needs and thus, keep on developing high performance and innovative cooling products.


Fins Skiving Technology in is one of the worlds most advanced Technology, new Concept developed and produced by CoolSonic, though this new technology enables greater surface area for thermal dissipation and thus increased cooling performance.


Choose Coolmosa As Your CPU Coolers Supplier

Product experience, low price, availability and best service are the cornerstones for a foundation based on Coolmosa to customers. If you are interested in Coolmosa’s metal stamping or need further information, please stay in touch with Coolmosa, the world’s leading manufacturer of CPU cooler.


Coolmosa Technology Co., Ltd.

No.8, Ln. 292, Sanjun St., Shulin Dist., New Taipei City 23865, Taiwan

TEL: 886-2-26761138

FAX: 886-2-26761337