Experienced and Professional 4 Side Moulder Manufacturer – TRUPRO-TEC

Situated in Feng Yuan, with over 20 years of experience and vast knowledge, TRUPRO-TEC has a series of woodworking machines, such as 4 Side Moulders, wood cutting saws, sanders, grinders, etc. Our four-side moulding machines are capable of cutting various wood materials. All our woodworking moulders are rigorously engineered to ensure that they can fully meet cutting requirement.


We have various models in 4 side moulder series: universal spindle 4-side moulder, high speed short wood 4-side moulder, jointed moulding machines, slice cutting four-side moulder, numerical control four side moulder, etc.


Our good quality machine with affordable price as well as good after-service had won TRUPRO-TEC products a good name around the world. With wide range of machinery and tools from Taiwan, we can help you source wood working machine you need. If you need further information about 4 Side Moulder series and other wood working machines, welcome to visit the website of TRUPRO-TEC and please do not hesitate to send inquiries or contact us.


Products of TRUPRO-TEC: CNC router, rip saw, table saw, cut off saw, wide belt sander, 4 side moulder, dust collector, band saw, drum sander, CNC lathe, swiss type lathe, milling center, surface grinder machine, CNC tapping center, planner, tenoner, CNC turning lathe, turn-key solution machine, machining center, panel saw.


TRUPRO-TEC Industrial Co., Ltd.

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Auto Double Surface Planer Manufacturing Expert – Extend Light

EXTEND LIGHT MACHINERY CO. LTD was established in 1991, specialized in innovate and accurate design, we manufacture professional Auto Double Surface Planer selling to about 40 countries in the world. Now, there are over thousands of Planer in worldwide successful operated with our reliable and steady quality.


In 1997 we introduced and developed new machine: automatic Frame Saw, energy and material saving new innovation realized. With the minimum sawing tolerance 0.9mm, our excellent Frame Saw successfully achieves high-profit and low-loss goal for wood flooring, doors, frames, and cabinets manufacturers.


Are you interested in our products? If you need more details about auto double surface planers or other machines, welcome to visit our website and feel free to contact Extend Light.


Extend Light Machinery Co., Ltd.

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