Ask for High Speed Machining Center? Jiuh-Yeh Precision Machinery is Your Best Choice!

Established in 1988, Jiuh-Yeh specialized in manufacturing high speed machining center and CNC milling machine. With years of experience, they provide only high quality products, which make them the leading precision machinery manufacturer. The company’s quality assurance system is made regarding ISO-9002 series international standard, including the needs of the organization, division of responsibilities, procedures, and resources. Also, Jiuh-Yeh has a strong R&D team to keep improving to meet the highest standard of client’s demand.


R & D

Excellent product design engineers, using the most advanced CAD / CAM software, constantly develop innovative high-quality and high-reliability products to support the customers with the best guarantee.


Quality Assurance

Jiuh-Yeh manufactures components and assembles finished products thru strict testing.


Jiuh-Yeh Business Orientation and Characteristics

  • Professional CNC Machining Center manufacturer
  • Adhere to innovation and sophisticated design as the core values
  • R & D Custom OPT models
  • Enhance product modular technology and improve productivity and precision
  • Diverse models to meet customer needs
  • Strengthen applications of product automation to enhance the effectiveness of peripherals
  • One-time cooperation, life-time service


Future Development

  • Future development will be based on innovation, and takes into account the revenue and profits growth at the same time.
  • Strengthen information systems, and integrate operational flow of Taiwan and China.
  • Construct global agents and distribute marketing channels in order to achieve the purpose of dispersing markets and customers.


Operational Highlights and Future Development Strategy

The future development of Jiuh-Yeh operational goals are divided on a basis of ten years, “3, 3, 4”, in three phases:


  • Short-term goal: to reach a “shared resource integration, complete technology enhancement” from 2011 to 2013.
  • Medium-term goal: to reach a “technology leading position, multi-channel of distribution” from 2014 to 2016.
  • Long-term goal: to reach the international level, enhance the international recognition, and became a well-known international brand from 2017 to 2020.


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Jiuh-Yeh Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

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CNC Lathe&CNC Milling

Champion H&C Inc. is a leader in the design, manufacture, and providing precision metal parts; we are located in Taiwan and found in 1990. Our manufacture process includes precision machining, CNC Millings, CNC Lathes and diecasting for prototype and volume production. An honest partner to OEM and ODM contract manufacturer.
Champion H&C has an outstanding manufacturing team which can help customer in integrating the most efficient manufacturing method with the lowest cost, best quality. We have an expert manufacturer of precision machined metal parts and following strict manufacturing procedures to ensure the precision in products.

Champion H&C has cnc lathe machine, cnc milling machine and cnc multi-tasking lathe machine. In CNC Multi-tasking lathe machine, we can produce DIA3.0mm~DIA.100.00mm. The general tolerance is +/-0.01mm, if the tolerance request beyond +/-0.01mm, we will use grinding process to reach drawing spec. like 0.001mm.


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The CNC Milling Machine Supplier

In order to achieve a quality management and the quality assurance requirements, JIUH-YEH especially makes the quality manual to ensure that the products are produced in accordance to meet customer requirements. Company’s quality assurance system is made regarding ISO-9002 series international standard, including the needs of the organization, division of responsibilities, procedures, and resources. JIUH-YEH works towards to improving to strengthen out our CNC milling machine and other more satisfied products for customers.

JIUH-YEH is a professional manufacturer specializes in manufacturing bed type vertical milling machine, bed type vertical & horizontal milling machine, bed type turret vertical milling machine, bed type horizontal boring milling machine, bed type vertical and horizontal CNC milling machine, various knee type milling machine, machining center, vertical machining center, and horizontal machining center.



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CNC Milling Machines: Tips for Buying the Right Machine

Computer numerical control (CNC) machinery is a significant investment that should be approached with caution. If your woodshop’s milling capacity needs an upgrade, buying a computer-controlled miller could be the answer. To shop for the right machines, it pays to ask the following questions concerning your production rate, workspace and finances.

What are your Production Needs?

Your production needs determine your milling capacity, which in turn drives the price of a milling machine. Some companies buy a CNC miller machine that offers more capacity than they need, and have trouble paying for it when their production rate does not increase as expected. If you know your production will increase, opting for more capacity than you currently need is sensible. Refrain from buying industrial machinery when commercial machinery meets your production needs.

How often will you use the Machine?

If you need a machine for large, frequent production runs, buying a well-maintained, used industrial grade miller is the best option for cost and reliability. If you need a machine for small, infrequent production runs, buying a new commercial grade miller may be the best decision.

Commercial grade millers have limited secondhand value, but industrial CNC milling machines are designed to stand up to heavy use, and can last for decades when properly used and maintained. Even with several years of use, an industrial miller can perform as effectively and reliably as a new model.

How large is your Workspace?

The dimensions of your workspace ultimately determine the type of machines you buy. Many woodworkers economize on space by buying combo machines that offer numerous features in one unit. However, when they need industrial machinery that operates as part of a production line, upgrading their workspace precedes updating their equipment. If you have come to the point where you cannot economize on machinery, it is safe to say you should not economize on space either.

What is your Equipment Budget?

Deciding on the equipment budget is harder than it seems, especially when increased production demand creates the need for new equipment. If you plan on financing a milling machine, do not rely on the projected income from an anticipated increase in production to pay for it. One way to avoid this is to buy a used machine, and then upgrade to a new one after your production rate and income stabilize.

Do you need CNC Machine Training?

The least mentioned financial aspect of buying a CNC machine is the training required to operate it. Although some woodworkers learn to use CNC milling machines by trial and error, this method seldom results in a full understanding of the machine’s abilities, and could cause damage to sensitive cutting mechanisms and computer equipment. Some manufacturers offer free training with the purchase of new machinery.

A CNC machine is a significant investment, one that can improve the woodwork of your company in terms of time and accuracy. To learn more about the best equipment for your needs, contacting a company that sells new and used woodworking machinery is the best option.

In my research on CNC milling machines, I studied the best practices for buying CNC machines.

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Machining Center Manufacturer – Jiuh-Yeh

Jiuh-Yeh Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988 and began manufacturing CNC Machinery Centers. We supply high-quality machining centers, vertical machining center, and horizontal machining center. Furthermore, Our main products cover a wide range including CNC milling machinery, vertical CNC milling machine, CNC milling machines, and horizontal CNC milling machine. We have devoted our efforts to be a world-leading manufacturer and supply the world-class quality products and services. We will do our best through our marketing and our experienced technicians to satisfy you on all your production machinery’s needs and services.

No.195, Rd.11, Ta-Li Industrial Park, Ta-Li Dist, Taichung City, Taiwan.R.O.C. /
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