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Established in 1978, JENP is a professional manufacturer of oil seals and various kinds of special rubber products.


The founder of JENP, Mr. K.M. Su, believes “BRAND IS CAPITAL FOR LONG TERM BUSINESS”, therefore, started to produce rubber sealing component and Rod Seal with JENP brand to enter global market with constant market share through five continents and exporting rate is 90% of annual sales volume approximately. JENP, the leading Oil Seal Manufacturer, is the orientation of advanced technology to produce high precision tooling and top quality for sealing technology to expand oversea market.


JENP Oil Seal Manufacturer aiming to design and supply high precision tooling for Oil Seals, Rod Seals, and rubber sealing components.


Here we offer diverse types of Oil Seals produced by Rubber Outer Diameter, Metal Outer Diameter, and Metal Outer Diameter with Inner Case…etc.


If you need further details about JENP Oil Seal Manufacturer and our oil seals, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.



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Valve Stem Seal by Lian Yu Oil Seal Enterprise

Lian Yu Oil Seal Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been a professional manufacturer of vehicle and mechanical oil seals since its establishment in 1978. The company’s commitment to honest business operation, innovation and progress, and excellent service provision comes from the belief that expertise and quality not only plays a key role in the continuity of LYO, but is also the driving force behind its corporate development. LYO does its best to meet clients’ needs, bringing them great advantages in market competition.

Lian Yu provides an extensive range of valve stem seals to the customers around the world. The valve stem seal is used in various types of industrial valves, such as ball, gate, globe, butterfly and check valves. The products are made of high quality raw materials, which are purchased from the reliable, long-term vendors. It is a client-oriented manufacturer and supplier that are dedicated to developing the products to assure the clients’ complete satisfactions. All products are manufactured under strict quality control practices from procurement of raw materials to the dispatch. If you are interested in learning more details about the valve stem seal, please browse the product category and feel free to send your inquiries.

Oil Seal of Taiwan ASA

ASA is an experienced oil seal manufacturer with more than 10 years experiences in oil seal tooling design and manufacturing.

ASA offers oil seals for European cars, U.S. tractors, agricultural machinery and more. To ensure the quality of the oil seals, all the products have been made as per ISO certification. Besides, ASA will provide free ASTM 2000 elastomer test reports and free slabs and buttons for your independent testing of each oil seal. View the oil seal product category to check out further details of ASA products and welcome to send your inquiries. W will be happy to help you.

Are You Familiar With the Oil Seals?

Are you familiar with the oil seal? Simply speaking, it is an element that is used to seal the oil. It is the very important component for all kinds of mechanical equipments. Although it is small, its application is quite wide. To some degree, its quality and properties have a direct influence on the reliability of the mechanical equipment. Some of these seals have a year’s operation life. Some can only be used for several months. These seals are easily out of service because of the oil leakage. As a result, the working efficiency of the mechanical equipment is seriously affected. Meanwhile, the production cost is increased and the environment is polluted.

Generally speaking, the working principle of the oil seal is simple. In the free condition, the inside diameter of the oil seal’s lip is smaller than that of the shaft collar. And it has the shrink range. After this seal is installed, the interference pressure and the shrinkage force will generate the radial thrust on the slewing axis. When this seal is in operation, the lip of the oil seal will form a seal belt under the influence of the radial thrust. Under the pressure of the lubricating oil the fluid permeates the cutting edge of the oil seal and a layer of oil film is formed. The oil layer can prevent the oil leakage and play an important role in sealability.

During operation, there are a lot of factors that result in the oil leakage. The bad sealability of this seal is the main factor. When the shaft is abraded seriously and there is a groove on the shaft, the oil seal will lose its sealability. Even through people change a new oil seal, the sealability still can not be improved. When the contact pressure between the lip and the shaft is reduced, the shrink range becomes very small and thus the sealability becomes very weak.

How to solve the above-mentioned problem will be introduced as follow. First, the basic method is to grasp the knowledge of the oil seals. Then people can identify the quality and function. Second, check and maintain this seal regularly. As far as we know, the oil seals are often used in the harsh working conditions. The difference in temperature is very big and there is a lot of dust in the environment. If people do not examine them, they are easily out of service. Third, if the shaft collar is seriously abraded or the rubber of this seal becomes old, the related components should be repaired or changed immediately. Fourth, the unused oil seals should be kept properly. Or else, the seals will be easily stained with the dust or greasy dirt. Then they will be out of service. is the global B2B platform in the industry of mechanical parts. SeekPart aggregates the trade leads in this area, and our ultimate target is to benefit the buyers and sellers of mechanical parts by utilizing these leads through our online tools.

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Leading Oil Seal Manufacturer – ASA Oil Seals Co., Ltd.

ASA was founded in 1988, specializing in manufacturing oil seals. With more than twenty years experiences, the oil seal we produced are all quality guaranteed. ASA provides various sizes and different materials of oil seal enable to fit in different usages, including Oil Seal series for European Cars, Oil Seal series for U.S. Tractors and special oil seal series. Also, ASA has a strong R&D department, we dedicated in innovate our products to satisfy the ever-changing market needs.
Feel free to contact us, if you need more information about ASA oil seals. We are confident that ASA is your best choice!

oil seal
Oil Seal – ASA

ASA Oil Seals Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 87-6, Nanshing St., Sanhe Tsuen, Fushing Shiang, Changhua Hsien, Taiwan
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ASA Oil Seal Earned Solid Reputation for Superior Quality

ASA Oil Seal was founded as a specialist in manufacture of oil seal products. The oil seal types include oil seal for European car, U.S. tractor, PTFE oil seal, painted OD oil seal, mechanical seal, special oil seal, V seal, bonded seal, metal part, Teflon PTFE oil seal and many more. The bore diameter ranges from 0~60,000 mm.

ASA has had more that 10 years experiences in designing and producing oil seal tooling. In 1994 ASA purchased a new state of the art CNC tool production machine. ASA produces oil seal tooling from OD 12 mm to OD 300 mm, depending on the type of oil seal required. ASA likes new challenges, so your R&D tooling projects are welcome.


Oil Seal Series For European Cars
Oil Seal Series For European Cars
Oil Seal Series Of Teflon (PTFE), Bonded To The Sealing Lip
Oil Seal Series Of Teflon (PTFE), Bonded To The Sealing Lip



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ASA Oil Seal
Address: No. 87-6, Nanshing St., Sanhe Tsuen, Fushing Shiang, Changhua Hsien, Taiwan
Tel: +886-4-7701111
Fax: +886-4-7700011